🎯 I am an interaction designer with a biotechnology and backend development background, giving me a unique problem-solving perception rooted in logical thinking. My venture into the design field has been an insightful and eventful journey, encouraging me to be a multidisciplinary designer focusing on making accessible design for all.

🏖️ Beyond my formal pursuits, I have a profound interest in neuroscience and behavioural sciences and constantly seek to expand my knowledge. You can also find me enjoying cute 2D/ 3D illustrations and even making some!

🔍 I am looking to create impactful work that is intuitive to use and fulfils the needs of users and businesses alike. 

🗺️ Currently exploring

   - ChatGPT
   - Gemini AI
   - Figma
   - Illustrator
   - Photoshop
   - Medium (writing articles)
   - Procreate (illustrations)
   - Blender (3D artworks)


Interested in knowing me better or working with me? Feel free to reach out to me on any platform!
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